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Honestly, I had neither a clear idea nor answer what was going on with the game. It was disturbing without clear explanations or obvious violence. The dark narrative and black and white-ish art style were perfect paring in my opinion. Again, I just have some guess about the story but what really happened is pretty much left to the players’ imagination, I think. Short but great vibe. Looking forward to seeing more from the creator. 

Thank you very much, also for recording :)


Love it!

Thank you! :D

It would be great, if you could leave a rating <3


An interesting walking simulator. Loved the aesthetics,

Definitely a game where I found more questions then answers I can honestly say I don't quite get it and it's an enigma to me who is andrew? why is he being a creeper?  what does he have to do with the parents unfortunate happenings? After finishing the game I have no idea my full play through here: