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<3 I love clean energy! <3

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******* SPOILERS *********

I played this 6 months ago and still think about it. I see that you mention you're thinking of implementing a "save everyone" ending, so I don't think you intended how upsetting I found it. I got the save one fluff ending, was unsatisfied with that, decided to push to the other ending ignoring my great discomfort in the process because I was convinced that it would be worth it, and then felt quite sick with myself when it wasn't. I don't think you intended for the endings to be discovered in this order, it was genuinely very upsetting

Hey, I certainly don't want to give you a bad feeling - thanks for sharing!


That was really fun to play, a nice surprise, I love the idea behind it. A nice little clicker game wich deserve to be played. Well done!

Thank you and thanks for the 4 stars! :)


You're welcome :) Thank your for the email about the patch wich make thing about play this game. It's hard to remember everything from that giant bundle! 

Do you have any ideas which you would like to see implemented? I will work on big update in a couple of months and want to gather a bit of feedback haha



In that case, I would say maybe more creatures to save after the first one, with more puzzles, more passwords, more hack to do, that would be fun, like saving the all town. A final boss fight would be fun.


Sounds good, I wanted to implement a way to save the rest of them :D Thank you!

Hey, cute game. As a heads up though, it looks like there might be a bug or two.


After I inserted the password in the shop, I *think* I solved the puzzle, but nothing happened. Potentially related or a separate issue is that even though I acquired enough coins, I couldn't purchase the next building after the factory.

Puzzle solutions that I tried were covering only the X squares with the tiles and covering only the non-x squares with tiles - neither of which seemed to change anything.

**********************END OF SPOILERS************************

If this issue is addressed or I just misunderstood, please let me know as I definitely want to continue playing.

Thanks for reading and take care!

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That's really weird and never happened before in any playtest :/

The coins are not related to the solution! Can you tell me which version you played? (Language/OS) Thanks! And let me know if the bug goes away when you play another time. Sorry!


and you can buy the next building if you follow the No route :D

Alright. Yeah that is one of the ways I tried to solve it.

I was playing the v1.5/English/Windows version.

When playing it a second time using the same route, it still seems like I get in the same state after completing the puzzle.

The state the game gets in is: All that I can do is continue modifying the puzzle, click the X to exit the puzzle screen, continue collecting coins, and/or hire workers.

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Hey sorry, I did miss you comment completely! That's really really weird honestly and happened never before :/ I really don't know why this happens. Sorry, that you had a bad time

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Oh, it's not a bug - before the mine upgrade you only get 0.5 bonus and after it you get a 1 bonus :D




I downloaded this game as part of the Racial Equality and justice bundle. Since I am a big fan of Incremental games I downloaded this one and gave it a shot,. Since I downloaded it straight from the bundle I was completely unaware of any trailers for it or even the store page for this game.

I also have a fascination with 'surprise creepy' type games that hide a more sinister interior behind it. I never thought I would just stumble across a game like that without already knowing it was not as innocent as it seemed.

The hyper-cute aesthetic and dialogue made me very slightly suspicious and when I bought the second building I was put seriously on edge. After that I was always dreading doing something to progress the game, unsure of what would happen next. Watching the fireworks display countdown was seriously one of the most tense moments I have ever experienced in a game.

My only regret with this game was that I was not aware it was only $2, which would have tempered my expectations since I was left wanting for more in the 'escape' route. This game left me with many questions but that is good for a game like this. 

Overall this was a good and unique experience and I am still thinking to myself if I can doing anything with those other .fluff files.



Yeah so very adorable and relaxing game, great way to just unwind.


Thank you very much for your feedback :D To not spoiler anyone: We will update Flufftopia in the future and want to expand the aspects you mentioned (and many more) because we feel the same about it but it will take some time since Flufftopia isn't our first priority at the moment.

Maybe in one or two years you remember the game and give it another shot :D 

Thanks again and have a nice day!


Enjoyed playing it.



This was a lot of fun! I enjoy incremental games a lot, so one with more to it than numbers going up is always a treat and I would love more in this direction.


Thank you very much for your kind words :D

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Not bad. Pretty interesting and got me to check out more of the games that have been made. I instantly got some vibes at the start, but both playthroughs were super awesome! Probably will just play this in my free time when im bored and want to do something.

Thank you :D 


Nice looking game. Your English and Deutsch versions are currently flipped.


Thank you very much :'D I was to tired when I uploaded the files ..


But now it's fixed


Is very good game! Pls Spanish version!

Thank you, unfortunately we don't have family or friends who are capable of writing good spanish and don't have the financial ressources to pay someone.


Ok, is very good game forever!


It took a long time but now it has a Spanish version :D

Game with story is so cool. My children really love it. They feel like they are the characters with 30 relaxed minutes. Thanks so much for your project.  By the way, do you have any other clicker games like this. I want to share them on freegames66.

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Hey thanks, no we only have this one :D


I loved it! it's so cool! Also, are all endings obtainable on 1.1 version or there are just those 2?

Spoiler: Hey, there are only two endings which are relevant. You can find a little bit more but that are only small things :)


XD i was looking for cute games and ended up finding this without looking into it too much. I loved it!

Thank you! We enjoyed watching very much :D We're glad you enjoyed it <3


Cute game. Didn't expect how it ended.

Thank you very much :D


Really cute little game! 

Thank you so much <3


It's cute but, I feel the process is long with not much interaction atleast not for the time I played it.  It's not bad but, a few things to do inbetween clicking would be nice. Also clicking the piggy bank there isn't any sound such as a coin clink or anything which would have been nice.

Thank you very much! We will consider addressing that in a future update :D


I love it, so I'm typing this after two playtroughs.

The graphics simple, but cute, as promised. Also the music was nice. The main theme at the start menu remind me of Yoshii's. I loved it, so I love this theme. The ingame music wasn't intrusive, instead it was nice and decent. perfect for the background.

Now to the gameplay:
If you play active, like curious me, you don't need much time. I think it took me about one and a half hour for both playtroughs. Everthing explains for itself. But at some point, you will get the feeling, that something is off, that it's too easy. And then....well, play it it and you will see

Thank you for your kind words :D <3