1.1.4 Update - Better Turns


While fixing the bugs in the last update, I added a cheat to get experience and included it in button which shows you the version and the fps (F3). This made it faster to test the game and certain edge cases but I forgot to take it out again.

The game counted the turns and saved them from the beginning but only if you moved. Now, the game also counts it when you cast a spell, go through the doors and holes, drink a potion or put a key into the spikes. Now, you can look them up at any time if you press F3.

Full Changelog

  • Removed a cheat
  • Added turn counting to various activities
  • You can look up the turns with F3
  • The display of the version number, fps and (now) turns which opens when you hit F3, does not close anymore if you leave an area


Windows The Blood Mage 1.1.4.zip 28 MB
82 days ago
Linux The Blood Mage 1.1.4.tar.gz 35 MB
82 days ago

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