A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Intra-System: Trust Issues is a short minimalistic Audio-Adventure based on decisions.

You co-operate with a system to communicate with an unknown person. 

He communicates with you per voice messages and asks for advice as he passes through different rooms. 

He trusts you.

Are you a nice person and willing to help him?

Every playthrough of this audio-adventure takes about 15 minutes to complete.
Your decisions have a great impact on the game and make every run unique.

"After he screamed with all the intensity of a hyena caught in a bear trap, I resolved to help him out." - Brendan Caldwell, Rock Paper Shotgun

"Figuring out the interface is not rocket science, but finding answers is." - Joel Goodwin, Electron Dance

"Intra-System is something completely new [...]" - Pascal W., Indieflock

Key Features

• fully voice acted in English and German
• discover different paths and endings
• make decisions that matter
• experience a novel genre approach
• find unique collectables
• find secrets and explore the hidden lore around the setting

Key Features

This is our first project at SmokeSomeFrogs and we've been working on it since July 2016.

For further information check out our website or twitter. You can also subscribe to our Newsletter if you want to! Want to report a bug or just say hello? Contact us at protagonist@smokesomefrogs.com :)

Press Kit

Intra-System: Trust Issues was updated on 26.04.2019.

Version 1.2 "Repolished, Remastered, Repurposed!"

System Requirements: Works on your toaster. Recommended is an Intel Celeron J3060 (Dual Core 1,6 GHz), its iGPU (HD 400) and 2 GB RAM but it should perform well even on much older systems.

Please note: contains strong language.

Install instructions

The .jar will only work if you have Java installed. Thank you for downloading! :D


(English/Windows) Intra-System-Trust Issues.exe 190 MB
(German/Windows) Intra-System-Trust Issues.exe 191 MB
(English/Linux) Intra-System - Trust Issues x64 Linux 183 MB
(German/Linux) Intra-System - Trust Issues x64 Linux 185 MB
(English/Jar) Intra-System: Trust Issues.jar 151 MB
(German/Jar) Intra-System: Trust Issues.jar 152 MB


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Alright so...for the secret ending, any hints you could give?

There's a hint in the game but I don't want to give more hints! I hope you like the game :D

I've played through 5 times, but I can't tell if there's any other ending. I've only gotten the ending where he says "What are you?", the one where he says "I'll help you," and the deaths by toxic gas and mannequin. There doesn't seem to be any way to get him to keep the generator active, even if I'm being completely helpful.

Am I missing something?


Hey, no this is the end - the game isn't really longer. Although there is a secret ending, but on normal play this is the furthest you get into the game. I hope you liked it :)


Das Spiel webt mit serh minimalistischen Mittel eine sehr dichte Atmosphäre. Meiner Meinung nach eine Empfehlung wert.