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Bring Back The Sun is a short and challenging 2D Platformer. The goal is obvious - bring back the sun! 

The focus lies solely on jumping right. No enemies, no spikes, no wall jumps, no double jumps. Only simple jumps will get you through the levels. 


  • A pure experience
  • Challenging but not hardcore
  • Jump through 40 levels
  • Loading in no time
  • Minimalistic graphics
  • Atmospheric soundtrack

You can expect 1-3 hours playtime for your first run depending on your skill level.

1.3.3 Changelog

- Added an option for colorblind people

- Many minor improvements

Currently working on Sonucido: The Mage!


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $3 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Windows Bring Back The Sun 1.3.3 Version.zip 24 MB
Linux Bring Back The Sun 1.3.3 Version.tar.gz 26 MB

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This game may have broken my brain a couple of times but I thoroughly enjoyed what I played!


Thanks for playing! :)


Here's the controls I discovered through trial and error:

Left Arrow, A, or H to move left.

Right Arrow, E, D, or L to move right.

Up Arrow, W, K, or Comma (,) to enter doors or jump.

Hold the Down arrow, Shift, Ctrl, S or J to sneak (move at about 50% speed).

R to reset room (perhaps in case you get softlocked and can't die).

T to toggle "Deathhead switch" (a number floating above your head showing how many times you've died)

Z to toggle "Bunnyhop switch" (whether holding a jump button jumps repeatedly or just once)

The Enter key toggles Fullscreen/Windowed

VERY IMPORTANT: You will move about twice as fast and be able to jump once you start the game and go through a couple of doors. Navigating menus and settings is the same as walking in-game, and is painfully slow if you try to do it before actually starting the game.

Esc key opens pause "menu" (Exit, Settings, Continue)

Jumping over to the left from here also lets you access the Language Menu (German/English available, Spanish and French visible but inaccessible) as well as a link to the website and an "Erase Savestate" option (which takes effect immediately when you enter that door). Up to the right is an inaccessible "Hardmode 10 lives" door.

Settings Menu options from left to right:

Borderless Switch, 960-540, 576-324, 2560-1440, 1152-648, 1600-900, 1920-1080, Fullscreen Switch, (settings menu spawnpoint), Back, Music 100/0 Percent, Sound 100/0 Percent, Deathhead Switch, Bunnyhop Switch.

None of the resolution, fullscreen or sound options are preserved after exiting the game, it will always launch at 1152x648 windowed with 100% music and sound. 

Mouse controls: left-click to move left, right-click to move right, middle-click to jump or enter doors

Dual-Shock 4 controls:

Dpad, Left analog stick or right analog stick to move left and right.

X button, L1 or R2 to jump/go in doors.

O button or L2 to sneak.

Options button for pause "menu".

I don't have an Xbox controller to test, but I assume it'd be similar like A/LB/RT ; B/LT ; Start


Haha, it's part of the fun to discover the stuff but it's good to have some kind of guide :D Thanks for detailing all the information :)

The weird keys (like , and so on) are for users who happen to use a Dvorak Keyboard :D

The 100% music and sound thing will be changed in another update, so that it is saved - and there will be more options available (50% and so on).

More languages will be added soon :) (Dutch is the next one)

The Hardmode is playable after you beat the game once :D

I will change the erase savestate button and give it a: "Are you sure, yes, no"!