1.0.3 Update! Finally, I fixed this bug!

If you have read all the update posts, you remember maybe that I wrote in the 1.0.1 update post that I fixed a bug related to the credits. 

Yeah, this was only half true. The credits thing was true but the core problem was still there as I know now. It's the third time or so that I think I fixed this damn bug. 

The bug relates to the menu screen and that it sometimes showed Start instead of Continue even if you had a working save. This was at least confusing. 

Why do I think that I really fixed the bug this time? Because I threw away a bunch of confusing code that was absolutely not necessary and implemented a new, simpler, faster and working solution.

I didn't want to release a hotfix only so I did some code cleanup. Also, you are now asked if you really want to delete your save.

Btw. I saw that the GLES 3.0 renderer (I spoke about it in the last update and why I switched to GLES 2.0) just received 2D batching! But I'll keep using GLES 2.0 because it ensures wider compatability and better performance.

Full changelog:

- Save deletion now needs confirmation
- Startscreen bugfix
- Code cleanup
- Graphical adjustments in one or two instances
- Corrected tiny bit in the Dutch translation


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54 days ago
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